tubeless Easy fitting- tire& rim/wheel recommendations

Which combinations are easiest? I have DT (RR)+ Hutchinson- way too tight. Duraace TL easy but too fragile. Any others? -Excluding tubeless conversions, ie. add layers of Stans tape. Should I change the tire (to Schwalbe, Specialized, etc) or rim/wheel? I can fit clinchers on this DT no problem. ... Read More »

Most puncture resistant tubular tire? Can't give up my armadillos.

Finally thinking of taking the plunge from clincher to tubular. I am so used to the (almost) bombproof/needleproof kevlar or whatever they make the armadillos and gatorskins out of, that the idea of a puncture flat on a tubular has kept me away from them. Are there tubular tires that offer this le ... Read More »

700x25 .. Whats the best bet for allround tire.

Hi guys. I ride about 50 km per day in town, bad roads and good roads. This morning I parted with my Bontrager R2 tire wich has lasted me for about 1000km with about 4 flats (Bontrager tubes). Now I want to move to something different. I was thinking something like Continental 4 season (mayb ... Read More »

Torn Tire - Causes?

So I was riding home from crit practice tonight and noticed that there was a bit of a hop in my wheel. I checked it when I got home and found this: [IMG][/IMG] Looks like the rubber on the outside of the tire, and the first layer of t ... Read More »

Tire slit anything to worry about?

New to roadbiking so this q is pretty basic. I had a flat the other day and found a small gash in the sidewall. Is this anything i should worry about? [IMG][/IMG] Thanks!Read More »

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