Maxxis jumps into the cyclocross tubeless ring with its Mud Wrestler tubeless ready tire

A first-hand look at Maxxis’ first tubeless cyclocross tire, the 700x33c Mud Wrestler, at Frostbike 2014.   Read More »

WTB announces new gravel specific Nano 40c tire

WTB develops new gravel grinder specific tire with the help of ultra endurance athlete Jay Petervary, Mike Varley of Black Mountain Cycles, and Sean Walling of Soulcraft. Not a cross tire!   Read More »

How To: Get Home After Slashing Your Tire’s Sidewall (Video)

A slash in the sidewall of your tire typically means the end of your ride. But with a little McGyver ingenuity it’s possible to get back on the road and get home.   Read More »

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tubeless Easy fitting- tire& rim/wheel recommendations

Which combinations are easiest? I have DT (RR)+ Hutchinson- way too tight. Duraace TL easy but too fragile. Any others? -Excluding tubeless conversions, ie. add layers of Stans tape. Should I change the tire (to Schwalbe, Specialized, etc) or rim/wheel? I can fit clinchers on this DT no problem. ... Read More »

Most puncture resistant tubular tire? Can't give up my armadillos.

Finally thinking of taking the plunge from clincher to tubular. I am so used to the (almost) bombproof/needleproof kevlar or whatever they make the armadillos and gatorskins out of, that the idea of a puncture flat on a tubular has kept me away from them. Are there tubular tires that offer this le ... Read More »

700x25 .. Whats the best bet for allround tire.

Hi guys. I ride about 50 km per day in town, bad roads and good roads. This morning I parted with my Bontrager R2 tire wich has lasted me for about 1000km with about 4 flats (Bontrager tubes). Now I want to move to something different. I was thinking something like Continental 4 season (mayb ... Read More »

Torn Tire - Causes?

So I was riding home from crit practice tonight and noticed that there was a bit of a hop in my wheel. I checked it when I got home and found this: [IMG][/IMG] Looks like the rubber on the outside of the tire, and the first layer of t ... Read More »

Tire slit anything to worry about?

New to roadbiking so this q is pretty basic. I had a flat the other day and found a small gash in the sidewall. Is this anything i should worry about? [IMG][/IMG] Thanks!Read More »

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