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Bike help! Older schwinn road bike...

Well, last summer I wanted a road bike. I am at most an amateur cyclist who rides for fun and exercise. Being 15 and without a job, I didn't have a lot of money to blow. Ended up paying $20 for an older schwinn, I assume from early to mid 80's. It was in rough condition. I cleaned it up and was demo ... Read More »

2010 Kona Dew or older Schwinn road bike?

I'm looking to get into biking. My main goal is to get into shape and exercise in general. I'm not fat, but maybe just slightly overweight. I work a sedentary job and let myself go. I hate running (I tried), but I've always liked riding a bike. I'm thinking I'd ride often after work or on weekends ... Read More »

Upgrades to Older Cannondale Road Bike

First off I should say that I am very new to cycling, if I don't sound like I know what I talking about - I don't. With that said, I picked-up a 1987 Cannondale SR500 that was in pretty good shape and was looking to replace/upgrade some parts. The current bike specifications can be found at: [url]h ... Read More »

Newbie, looking for older but good road bike to learn on.

Hello everyone.. Just recently fell in love with biking (trail riding).. looking to get into road biking more. I currently own an old Bridgestone Carmel City bike and a Manitou FS mountain/trail bike.. I was looking for a nicer road bike to start road biking with. Don't have much money to s ... Read More »

Older Criterium 3.0...good first road bike?

Hi everyone, this is my first post here. Please, be kind. ;) I've been riding for years, but primarily my seat time has been on 20" BMX (old days) and 26" mtb (past 10 years). I recently upgraded to a Cannondale 29er Caffine 4 mtb and I love it. I've also recently been doing a bit of road riding ... Read More »

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