S & B Recumbent 1999 & B Tandem Older Tandem Bike

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1999 S & B Tandem, tandem (recumbent), Recumbent Mix components, custom fork

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what to do with a new used bike - 1999 Litespeed Classic

I'm finally replacing my Cannondale after 27 years and not quite 100,000 miles. I wanted a quality used bike - used because I'm too old to fuss over a new bike like a did when I bought my last one. So I find this Litespeed Classic knowing that I had ridden one and loved it, and it turns out it is ... Read More »

fixing up my first love 1999 Cannondale r300

If I get something other than a RSX shifter for my 1999 Cannondale r300 will I have trouble with my derailleurs or any other unforeseen problems? Any recommendations on a good budget shifter.Read More »

1999 Neo Primato

Since most forums are dead this time of year, I thought I'd kill some time posting a few pics of my new-to-me Neo Primato. It's 59cm ctc, with Campagnolo 10 speed. I have a NOS steel fork from another Neo being chromed right now, but it will be a few weeks before it's done. [ATTACH=CONFIG]276159[ ... Read More »

$1999 2012 Focus Izalco Ergoride in 51 or 56

Was told the 56 (inquired about my size since the Ergoride was on a short list) has maybe 15 miles, immaculate. $2199 last week with free shipping. Now it's $1999 and I'm sure shipping could be worked in for a serious buyer: [url=http://www.speedgoat.com/Catalog.aspx/Browse?Prod=31118&Title=focus&Ro ... Read More »

All results from 1999-2006 gone?

I noticed on the official TdF website that all results 1999-2006 are gone [url]http://www.letour.fr/le-tour/2012/us/history/[/url] are they just going to assume everyone who ever who a stage or placed on the podium was doping? I mean they'd probably be correct but I'm surprised they took it that fa ... Read More »

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