Electra Bicycle Company Basic 2002 Cruiser Bike

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Newbie, Basic Bike Fit.. DFW

I bought a road bike recently and would like to get a basic/decent fit without dropping too much money. Is there a place/person you recommend in the DFW Area?Read More »

What basic bike tools?

What are the basic tools needed to tear down a bike? From my search so far, it looks like I need a cassette removal tool and a crank arm remover. I want to start the rebuild of my '92 diamondback hybrid. I'm fairly sure it has a square taper bb. Any other specialty tools that I need? ThanksRead More »

Some basic advice for riding on the road

[url=http://www.bicycling.com/beginners/bike-skills/ultimate-beginners-guide-bicycling]The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Bicycling | Bicycling Magazine[/url]Read More »

Garmin computer basic questions

Need recommendations on Garmin 200/500/510 choices. Been offered a deal on upgrading to a Garmin from my basic Cat Eye Strada. I am pretty low tech but would be interested in the bundles for cadence/hr strap. The advanced social aspect, laps, etc. don't interest me much. The one thing that I am l ... Read More »

Basic FD adjustment question

I have an Ultegra FD and compact crank. Lately I have been having issues dropping the chain as I shift from the small ring to the large. No rubbing against the FD once the chain is on the big ring. If I baby the lever as I shift I am usually OK, but the problem seems to occur when I push the leve ... Read More »

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