Bianchi Bergamo 2002 Hybrid Bike

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Officina Edoardo Bianchi Opens in Bergamo

[IMG][/IMG] [url][/url] So what are you gonna do next time you're in Bergamo? [IMG] ... Read More »

bergamo cycling bibs

Bergamo cycling bibshorts from hammer are they any good pros/cons for 90.00 thats a cheap price also how well made are they ?Read More »

hammer-bergamo premium bibs

I all, I'm now in the market for a new pair of bibs I came across these from Hammer nutrition. New for 2009 Bergamo premium Bibs made in Italy for only $79.95 can this be really true ?? they say in the ad "compare these to european bibs costing up to $300.00" ! Has anyone bought these yet pls let ... Read More »

Bergamo Italian Bike

Maybe later I'll run out and take some pics, but I just picked up a bike of interest. The name sounded familiar, but I can't find any info on it, can anybody give me any information on this bike? It is a: Bergamo "Sport" bicycle (typical italian with colored bands above and below the Bergamo log ... Read More »

Bergamo signature series bib shorts...

Does anyone have any experience with the Bergamo Marcello signature series bib shorts? I have some PI Microsensor bibs which are fine and a pair of Assos bibs which are terrific for fit and chamois, but too pricey. Do like the shorter inseam and straps on the Assos though...thanks in advance.Read More »

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