Rocky Mountain Bicycle Company Latitude 2002 Hybrid Bike

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I'm spending a week per month at Latitude: 18-08'53'' N Longitude: 066-58'59'' W

I just found out today, I will be spending a week or two per month in Aguadilla, PR. It's a temporary assignment for 4-6 months....just long enough to get through the winter... sweet.....Read More »

What's your latitude?

Just chillin' at 58° 58' north. "Where you at?" What are the extremes here in the lounge? There has to be someone further north (and definitely south).Read More »

Frame Sizing Latitude

I hate these kinds of questions but I am going to ask anyway. When selecting a frame, how much latitude is there to get a frame that is larger or smaller than would be ideal and then use different length stems, seatposts, etc., to adjust the fit? For example, if the perfect top-tube length (I' ... Read More »

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