Lightning Cycle Dynamics Daytona 2002 Recumbent Bike

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Chorus or Daytona/Centaur Wheels

No "VS" here. I have 2 wheelsets at home. One has a 95 Chorus hubset converted to 9/10 speed laced to Mavic OP Rims. The other a set of Daytona/Centuar hubs laced to a set of Ambrosia rims. The Ambrosia rims are a dead ringer for Mavic OPs. As nice looking as the Chorus hub are they don't seem to ha ... Read More »

Daytona Winning Motortrike on Ebay!

Don't miss out on this jewel! [ATTACH=CONFIG]290285[/ATTACH] "[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Helvetica neue]When first built, it won several Daytona competitions as well as local trophies.[/FONT][/COLOR] [TABLE="width: 1239, align: center"] [TR] [TD][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Unique custom built homemade three wh ... Read More »

Daytona Bianchi upgrade

I would like to upgrade my 2000 Daytona Bianchi. My question is, What is the newest Campagnolo groupset, or a mixture of them, that I could install in my frame? Of particular interest is to know the type of crank that would fit, or, the newest type of Bottom Bracket that could be fitted into my fra ... Read More »

Okay All You Fire Fighter Types: Daytona 500 Question

For those of you who may have stayed up to watch the Daytona 500 - and I did - you saw one of the weirdest racing incidents in recent memory. To recap: with 40 or so laps to go, there is a yellow flag. Cars hit the pits, and NASCAR deploys the jet dryers to blow crap off of the track. The drye ... Read More »

Daytona 110mm bottom bracket

I have a Daytona/ Centaur 10 speed gruppo on my bike. I just bought a Bottom Bracket on ebay that comes in a Daytona box with a 110mm spindle. The 10 speed ISO ST BB AC-H and AC-S are 111mm as is the Centaur BB. I checked the Campy spare part catalog and there is no mention of a "Daytona" bottom bra ... Read More »

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