Rotator Bicycles Pursuit 2002 Recumbent Bike

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saddle question in pursuit position

Hi guys I dont know if you guys have noticed or not that most cycling pros sit on the nose of the saddle when they are in pursuit position (flat torso, 90 degree arm, 90 degree elbow and on the loops). They are sitting much forward relatively to the seatpost extension line.[ATTACH=CONFIG]291951[/ATT ... Read More »

Pursuit Race Ends Badly - WARNING: Not For The Squeamish

You've been warned. [url=]Bear vs. Monkey Bicycle Race Ends Horribly At Shanghai Wild Animal Park (VIDEO)[/url]Read More »

Would a pursuit-stage be interesting to decide a Grand Tour?

Did you watch the Tour the Ski a week ago? The nordic skiers top the madness of a Lyndsey Vonn or Didier Cuche by racing one of their downhill slopes up, 25 and more % gradient. Anyway, on the last stage they started according to their place in the overall standings, and if #1, #2 and so on were sep ... Read More »

Davis Phinney: The Happiness of Pursuit

Just want to recommend this book. Good from start to finish and lots of great racing stories from the good old days. It's also very insightful about his battle with Parkinsons.Read More »

2011 Felt F3 -- Pursuit of a Dream

Prior to picking up my 2011 F3 last year, it had been a LONG TIME since I bought a new bike. Oh sure, I picked up a Gary Fisher Tassahara in the summer of 2002, a bike that is damn nice looking (it's RED!), but severely under utilized. Before that, the last road bike I had purchased was a new 1983 ... Read More »

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