Fondriest Spur 2002 Road Bike

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SPUR is a frame designed to combine the comfort of steel with its lightness and durability. A highly responsive frame that probably represents the most logical choice for lovers of steel frames: with its unique and attractive color scheme, SPUR constitutes a true masterpiece both in technical and aesthetic terms.

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Bone spur on foot

Has anyone had to deal with this? I have a dr appt. coming up, but until then, I'm trying to find out about them. What are the treatments, from best to worst case scenario? Right now, riding is becoming very painful.Read More »

calcaneal spur and cycling

Or ankle spur. I have been road cycling for 4 months now. I have gone between 1200 to 1500 miles. 3 days ago I get this pain in my ankle. It hurts when I walk (when I step on the ankle) I have not been diagnosed yet, but according to all the symptoms it's calcaneal spur. My questions are: Do you thi ... Read More »

Spokes N Spur - Liberty Hill 3/20/2010

Who's going? I've been riding for about year now and this will be my first large charity ride. I've done a handful of group rides with my buddies but this will be different.Read More »

New bike, spur of the moment.

:idea: Started looking at new carbon bikes, basically to see if I could afford to upgrade. I thought about looking at bikes up to the $3,500 mark. Did not want to go below Ultegra Group and wheels I did not need to upgrade soon. I am currently riding a 1999 Cannondale CAAD3 with full Ultegra. So I'm ... Read More »

Did election spur any family infighting?

Just wondering how the rest of you handle situtations where you and part of your family voted for different candidates. Do you ignore it, not speak of it, voice you opinion, start throwing things? My father is a staunch Bush supporter. He thinks Michael Moore is a fat america hating traitor and A ... Read More »

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