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Suggestions for Training Camp Location near Blue Ridge Parkway

Every year, our New England-based team holds a training camp in early April. Typically we stay in Bedford, VA. However, there is not a large range of accommodations there. Typically, there are 12-16 of us, and we rent two houses for a week. One idea I had was Wintergreen, which has a ski resort, ... Read More »

Fast Blue Ridge Parkway Ride

Wasn't sure whether to put this here or in touring, but thought this would be the better crowd. It has always been a dream to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway end to end. I work a job that makes it very tough to take time off, and I am getting married next year. That essentially means I have to do it ... Read More »

Blue Ridge Parkw day trip ideas?

Ok, I narrowed down the area I am going to be cycling next week; blue ridge parkway and likely shenandoah parkway. I am going to be based out of norther Georgia for the week, but I plan on taking some day trips to go ride and / or overnight trips (hotel). I have motorcycled the parkway in the past ... Read More »

The Blue Ridge Challenge ride report

If you've ever browsed, you've probably read the description to one of their most difficult routes, the Blue Ridge Challenge: [url=]Blue Ridge Challenge[/url] I took off work and decided to do this on my Trek FX 7.1 (cheapest tr ... Read More »

Blue Ridge Parkway: Closed to Cyclists?

See for more info: [url=]Will the new Blue Ridge Parkway plan limit cycling on the scenic road?[/url]Read More »

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