Serotta Sports Inc. Rapid Tour 2002 Touring Bike

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MSRP : $4040.00

Product Description

A human powered turbo wagon, the Rapid Tour responds like a race bike, is practical enough for the most reasonable Northwesterner and handles with ease. There''s enough clearance for full, supple tires (28-35MM), fender clearance (with eyelets front and rear) and plenty of room for a triple crank. One ride in the hills and you''d swear you were on a race bike because it climbs and corners like all Serottas, incredibly. The slightly longer chain-stays aid in smoother shifts with triples while a stabilizing, slightly slackened front-end and lower bottom bracket adds to your sightseeing pleasure. The extended Head Tube and moderate slope to the top tube, provides the opportunity for a higher handlebar position for eliminating back fatigue experienced by many cyclists. Also available, Rapid Tour Ti, in C3Ti Titanium!

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