Bianchi Avenue 2003 Hybrid Bike

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Gravity Avenue C

I've spent the last couple months riding my single-speed/fixie which is made by Big Shot Bikes. The ratio is 44x16. Living in a very hilly part of Colorado, I've hit a wall and was in need of a bike with gears. I'm on a tight budget which is one reason why I went with Big Shot Bikes in the first pla ... Read More »

Avenue of the Oaks 2012?

website still says 2010. Anyone know if it's going to happen this year? I couldn't find an email or contact info.....great ride have done it twice [url=]Avenue of the Oaks[/url]Read More »

Gravity Avenue C . . . What say you?

So, I've recently looked at and ridden a Wellington Windsor 2.0 and a Jamis Ventura Sport. Didn't like the Wellington. Felt pretty good about the Jamis, but at $650, still a little too much for me.:confused5: :confused: Now looking at the Gravity Avenue C. I has the EXACT same geometry as a Gia ... Read More »

gravity avenue c

For a somewhat in shape athlete would the gravity avenue c be a good bike for riding in a hilly region, I want a bike that I can go 30plus mph, and use biking as a way of becoming more fit. My budget it 400 dollars if you can make any suggestion I would really appreciate it.Read More »

Gravity Avenue B

Been looking for a new set of wheels and the Gravity Avenue B looks to be better than the Big Box stores. Anyone with some experience with this bike? Very little in regard to reviews on the net about this, but I did note a mention that this bike had double walled rims and a cassette, which puts it ... Read More »

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