Diamondback Ventura 2003 Hybrid Bike

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Bike path now open along 101 between Ventura & Santa Barbara

WOW. 3 1/2 miles of protected bike path on the west side of the 101. No more riding on the freeway shoulder to get to Santa Barbara. A group of us rode up on Saturday from LA and we were all in shock when we saw how nice it was. Bravo to whoever made that happen. [url=http://www.keyt.com/ne ... Read More »

Jamis Men's Ventura Sport 2013 -> $450

[url=http://www.sportchek.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=17415666&cp=3733354.3767828.3767829.3758109]Jamis Men's Ventura Sport 2013 Gloss Black/Blue - SportChek.ca[/url] My first post here. I want to get into road cycling and I can spend max of around $600 so this bike is right along budget. Is ... Read More »

Ventura flat bar conversion

My wife was having a horrible time dealing with the road bars and hated riding as she could just not come to terms with them. I have two venturas so I decided to convert one for her. The thing is ridiculous fun and has me thinking of converting another of my road bikes now.Read More »

Jesse Ventura for President 2016

Another washed up nutter wanting to find relevancy. As Governor he was Independent. Do you think the GOP will recruit him in 2016 for another Dem landslide win? I hope so. Keep the nutters coming as the Dems need your support. [url=http://jesseventura2016.com/]Jesse Ventura 2016 For Presiden ... Read More »

Ventura County Bikeways Map App

Saw this written up in the Ventura County Star. There's a new bike map app available in both Iphone or Android formats. I don't have a smart phone, so can't offer any specific feedback. [url=http://www.goventura.org/]GoVentura[/url] JSRRead More »

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