Gary Fisher Solstice 2003 Hybrid Bike

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Happy Summer Solstice

Just finished watching the sun surrender to summer. It is 11:08 and the sun is finally down in Germany. Long live summer rides! :thumbsup:Read More »

solstice hawk

It's a gorgeous day here in Texas, blue skies light wind and 75F. I am shackled to my desk for end of year work, but The Daughter captured these images of a nice big hawk munching a squirrel on our neighbor's lawn. Feel free to 'shop away. [img] ... Read More »

Video: Winter Solstice Morning Commute

If your idea of a good time is watching a video of someone commuting to work on a cold, dark, snowy morning while listening to 5 of Canadian folk rock hero Bruce Cockburn's greatest hit. I have the video for you. [url][/url]Read More »

Winter Solstice Ride!

Oh boy, winter is finally here. Let's dress for it and go for a ride. Ah what the heck, lets paddle too! Where is my egg nog? BTW the forecast high for tomorrow is 67[I]f[/I], I guess winter doesn't last long around here! :DRead More »

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