Burley Design Cooperative Limbo 2003 Recumbent Bike

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road bikes in limbo

i was a competitve cyclist all during the 1970s (aincient history) I was illinois state champion for veteran men in the time trial in1980, to make along story short I am living in hot springs ar and my bikes at least five good road bikes in north east Missouri in a storage building, all I have her ... Read More »

ulrich in limbo?

from eurosport.com : ULLRICH WANTS DNA TESTS: Back at home in Switzerland, Jan Ullrich said he wanted to have DNA tests done to compare his blood with that found at Dr. Fuentes' office. He repeated his defence that he does not know Fuentes. According to his attorneys the problem is that the tests ha ... Read More »

They're Gettin' Rid of Limbo!

The Catholic church is reassessing the concept of limbo in order to bolster their anti-abortion stance. From the Los Angeles Times: [I] ANYONE PAYING ATTENTION to what's been happening to hell in recent years has surely realized that limbo was not long for this world — or the next one. Limb ... Read More »

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