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The Arkel Seat Bag! It goes where no other seat bag has gone before with absolutely unprecedented and outstanding features. It is made of a four panel shell that is permanently attached with reinforced Velcro under the seat. A 100% waterproof roll-top Thermo-Guard Nylon pouch slides in and out of the shell in a jiffy. No zippers to operate. In addition to protecting the content, the shell compresses and stabilizes the pouch so that the whole bag attachment to the saddle is rock-solid.

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Tool for seatbag that won't rust

I've been carrying small Park multitools in my seatbags for years, like the IB-3 for instance, and although the tools are well-chosen and well-designed, they rust in spite of their chrome plating. I find this to be at odds with the V. Can anyone direct me to a quality, lightweight multitool that w ... Read More »

Ne1 use the Sci'Con Compact 430 roller 2.0 seatbag?

Do you like the mounting? Also is it big enough to carry 2 tubes, a co2 cartridge and head?Read More »

Camelbak or seatbag?

Who out there is still running a camelbak? I'm making the switch from camelbak to seatbag/h20 bottles(been using cback since they came out). It just feels harder to accelerate the increased mass of bike and tools/water. Is this just mental? I aways thought the extra weight on my back helped with ... Read More »

Seatbag on a carbon post

I'm a little bit worried about putting a seatbag on a carbon post. I'm worried that the velcro holder that goes around the seatpost will cause harm to the carbon. Does anyone use a seatbag/carbon setup like this? and has it caused any damage/wear from rubbing?Read More »

stuffed jersey or stuffed seatbag

Pick your poison. I was riding yesterday and for whatever reason my phone, mini pump, spare tube, patch kit and tools that I keep in my jersey pockets started to annoy me. I had thoughts of maybe running a small seatbag. What do you all prefer, stuffed jersey or stuffed seatbag?Read More »

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