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Perfect for day-long rides or for the commuter who wants to protect their cargo on their ride. Includes 2 water bottle holders, external zippered pocket, large waterproof carrying compartment and shoulder strap. Includes all mounting hardware to mount perfectly behind the BikeE seat.

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Mulberry MSA-16 Satchel Bag

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George Kollitides : It's the old "Bag O' Glass" excuse.

Freedom Group chief executive George Kollitides has kept a low profile since the Newtown, Conn., elementary school massacre, in which 20 young children and six teachers were killed by a gunman using one of his company's Bushmaster rifles. Six months after Adam Lanza opened fire on the school wit ... Read More »

Seat Bag Install (Prob Idiot)

Ok, I'm not the smartest guy in the world. ~~Insert Joke here~~ My wife would. At any rate I've decided it was time to post my stupidity here and painfully read the ridicule and hope that out of sheer pity I could get an answer to this personal conundrum. The Question: How the @uck do I mount thi ... Read More »

Commuter bag

As far as carrying lunch and a few small items, what is a functional commuter bag? I work night shift so I would like a bag with reflective material. Thanks in advance for any advice.Read More »

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