Blackburn Trainer Bike Bags

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designed a bag to carry your trainer to spin class.

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Elliptical trainer?

Not that I want to run out and get one, but I was away for the weekend and hit the hotel gym. They had a stationary bike, but the computer for it was all jacked up and it would error out as soon as I started to pedal. So, I took a 3 mile run on a treadmill Friday as my workout. Because I'm still r ... Read More »

Question about rear wheel wear when using a trainer...

Quick question for you guys-- Is using a bike trainer (in my case, a Cyclops Fluid Pro) going to shorten the life of my rear tire anymore than just road biking would normally? I have my "good" wheels that I use on the road, but have been swapping on the "stock" rear wheel the bike originally came wi ... Read More »

Good cheap trainer?

I'm looking to get a trainer for the bike. Despite the fact that I can ride outside most days of the year here in this state, there are some days where it just takes too much effort to get ready for the time that I have on that day. Honestly, I just need something that's going to provide resistan ... Read More »

new indoor trainer

[URL=""]seems pretty quite[/URL]Read More »

Trainer wheel

Greetings all. Could use some guidance on something. I've been workin but butt off on the trainer (yes it's nice out now, even though its 90+, I just like the workouts on be trainer) and my tire lost its round shape and starting to wear. I replace it before a tri last weekend and it was $45. Thi ... Read More »

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