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Remember the events leading up to your race last weekend You were already running late, then couldn't find one of your arm warmers or your extra water bottles. You ran around searching for a 15 minutes before you discovered your dog had stolen it. If you just kept everything in the Craft Training Bag you could spend your time warming up rather than playing 'look-for-the-arm-warmer' with your dogsave that for after the race.

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Any recommendations for iOS bluetooth training app?

As the title says I'm looking for a good iOS app (phone) that works with bluetooth speed and cadence sensors. MahaloRead More »

everyday base training?

I just subscribed to trainer road and I am wondering if I can do the base training plans 1-1.5 hrs everyday? Would that be over kill?Read More »

Moto Training Question

I train for motocross pretty seriously and I'm looking to get a road bike. Just for endurance training nothing else. Nothing over $900 but I'm a little flexible. Please help.Read More »

training after a blood donation

After a long, ferocious, successful-for-me race season, I gave a pint of blood on Saturday, August 30. I am O- (universal donor) and they call me frequently to give blood. Since the season was over and I was only planning to do a few cyclocross races, it seemed like a good time to give. I raced ... Read More »

How to get a training workout on the flats at 11-12mph average speed

I have this great opportunity/obligation to bring up some brand new riders who are in their 50's. Great for them. But for me, it's not been much exercise. Until I discovered this technique which got me a good workout today even though I averaged 11mph on the flats, when I would have normally aver ... Read More »

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