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Remember the events leading up to your race last weekend You were already running late, then couldn't find one of your arm warmers or your extra water bottles. You ran around searching for a 15 minutes before you discovered your dog had stolen it. If you just kept everything in the Craft Training Bag you could spend your time warming up rather than playing 'look-for-the-arm-warmer' with your dogsave that for after the race.

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training question - gearing/cadence

i feel like i can bike longer on a lower gear and higher cadence, but i'd like to work on my leg strength...and it also seems that i am at a higher cadence than any other riders i see should i start training more on a higher gear and lower cadence?Read More »

Hoping to get some training advice...

I'm really wanting to develop a good program for the winter months, as available daylight, work schedule, and life really causes time constraints. I've been riding for about 2 years now and want to dedicate myself more to endurance training and riding in general. I'm able to get out Fri, Sat, an ... Read More »

The wifey is training for an Ironman ...

- Ironwoman? , and I'll be glad when this thing is done. It hasn't been too bad from the time standpoint, she's done most of her training without too much disruption for the rest of the family. The financial side is really starting to bite. She just presented me with a list of doodads such as arm ... Read More »

Garmin Virtual Partner Training

Hi, Never a garmin user but going to get 1 soon. I read about the virtual partner but unable to get enough information about it, can you guys give me some ideas if it works like my ideal workout? The idea is I import multiple courses along a route and would the system auto switch 1 by 1 when a cou ... Read More »

Any recommendations for iOS bluetooth training app?

As the title says I'm looking for a good iOS app (phone) that works with bluetooth speed and cadence sensors. MahaloRead More »

Read More »



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