Crank Brothers Barrel Bike Bags

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A versatile bag that fits either under the saddle or handlebars to provide more carrying capacity than most seat bags. Plenty of room for a repair essentials, a spare jacket, or even a cable lock. Sturdy interior HDPE hull prevents sagging. Detachable lower strap controls swaying. Reflective stripes. Webbing tab for safety light attachment. 175 cubic inches (9.75

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Barrel adjusters for Ultrashift

Anyone know a source for barrel adjusters/cable adjusters that fit the smaller ultrashift cables (no slop)?Read More »

Rear Derailleur (Apex) Barrel Adjuster Question

So last night as I was leaving from a stop sign I caught my foot on something in the derailleur cable area section of my bike (yeah I don't know how that happened). After that I noticed my shifting was getting pretty iffy, all symptoms of having too much cable tension. I went to adjust the barrel ad ... Read More »

TRP R960 Problem (red barrel lock lever)

So, I look down and notice the red barrel lock lever on my front brake keeps vibrating loose and flops over to the "unlock" mode during my ride. Not good. It does not seem to matter how hard I push the red lock lever on to the barrel side. I initially thought the red lever end might be chippe ... Read More »

Frame so electric ready, no FD barrel adjusters... annoying

Wondering what others have found... Short story is my frame was replace for a minor crack (nice on Felt customer service). The replacement frame (FC) is very dialed for electric shifting. To run shifter cables, there is a little plastic piece where the braze-ons normally are to guide the cable. ... Read More »

adding barrel adjuster to CAADX rear brakes...

my CAADX has canti brakes and has: [img][/img] as a rear cable hanger to add a barrel adjustment... do I use a Jagwire Straddle Cable Adjuster to the hanger (replace the round pin with the adjuster)???? [img] ... Read More »

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