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Classically the top tube bag or 'bento box' has been used by triathletes to keep food easily accessible. Now it has become a popular accessory for commuting and touring for those wanting to keep smaller items like cell phone, keys, or even a wallet within arm's reach. Durable 840 denier nylon fabric construction with padded and lined interior. Clear top for easy viewing of items within while keeping them protected. Rubber backed frames straps are secure and paint friendly. Interior key clip. Ref

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How important are Stack + Reach vs. Top Tube Length and Standover Height?

So I currently ride a 49cm Allez ([url=]Specialized Bicycle Components[/url]) and I like the way it fits. I'm looking at this frame ([URL=" ... Read More »

New Axiom SL Top Tube Slope - Pictures Needed!

So I have my final fit session for an Axiom SL this Friday and I can not decide on a Top Tube Slope. I am looking to go to a more of a compact geometry since my CAAD9 is pretty much traditional, however I can not decide on the angle. I am leaning somewhere around 6-10 degrees, with 10 degrees bein ... Read More »

Top tube bag

I've been on the search for a top tube bag. One issue that I've found is when standing/pedaling, my thigh brushes up against the bag. Very annoying. Since I ride fixed, I do stand enough for this to be an issue. What I need is a quick access to food and a place to put some small personal stuff ( ... Read More »

Scratched Top Tube

Hi guys, I just purchased another oldcannondale off ebay, it is very clean other than a abrasion that removed the paint down to the aluminum, and left the aluminum slightly abraided. I know I should acid bath and zc it?. It is that bright burnt orange metallic from appox 2005. It is on the top tube ... Read More »

Seat Tube Angles and Top Tubes - Fit advice

If I have a bike with a 74.2 seat tube angle and 530mm top tube, how would a bike with a 73.5 seat tube angle with a 535mm top tube fit in comparison? Generally I fit bike bikes by TT, usually I ride frames with a 74.5 seat tube and between 525-530mm TT with 100mm stem I am curious if the longer ( ... Read More »

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