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Minimalist and lightweight, the Evoc Saddle Bag is designed for small repair kits and intended for racing bikes. It measures 12 x 4.5 x 6 cm and is constructed from 210d Nylon that's PU-coated for water resistance The bike quickly and easily attaches to seat rails and posts using hook-and-loop...

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Low Profile QR Saddle Bag??

I currently have a Topeak Propack quick release saddle bag. I'm currently looking for something that doesn't stick down as far. This is helpful when mounting rear tail lights, etc. Looking for suggestions. Thanks! -PeteRead More »

Help with replacement Saddle Bag

My beloved Specialized bag that I have used for almost 20 years (outlasting any other piece of cycling gear by a long margin) is in need of replacement. If you guys and gals can offer some suggestions for make/model of a good replacement I'd really appreciate it. The main criterion is decent spa ... Read More »

SciCon Aeronaut Saddle Bag

The little aero saddle bag. I want one but can't seem to find them anymore. There's plenty of pictures and older reviews of them around, but no one seems to be selling them. Anyone have a link to a U.S. vendor? [ATTACH=CONFIG]293600[/ATTACH]Read More »

new saddle bag thread, specific requirements

So brought my bike into LBS for front derailleur adjustment, took bike home, went away for 5 days and realize forgot to bring back my saddle bag from bike shop. They don't have it, so time for a new one. Here is what I need to carry: 1. smartphone 4.7" screen, so it is 5" long 2. spare tube 3. tire ... Read More »

Carrying firearms and cycling: Who does it? Legal? Saddle bag used as storage legal?l

Anybody carrying? Been thinking about it since I ride at night a lot. But then again if I was stopped I wonder about the legality of carrying on a carbon bike(or any bicycle :p) - especially in California, where carrying outside is pretty much illegal. Well, if I put it in my locked seat saddle... ... Read More »

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