Fox Head Micro Bike Bags

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Fox Micro Seat BagThe Fox Micro Hard shell Seat Bag will keep all your bare essentials in one bag. WithThe Fox Micro Seat Bag you can store your favorite miniTool, extraTubes and a snack orTwo. WithThe sturdy hard shell case,The Micro can beThrashed around and you can rest assured your items will be safely snuggled in everything else.

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Di2 Front Mech Micro Adjustment - Why?

Can someone explain to me what benefit there is to micro adjusting the 9070 front mech? What criteria are you using to get it "just right". I know the mech overshifts and then returns to a standard position and then trims according to the RD cog but once you've set the limits what else is there? Wha ... Read More »

Front hub: White Ind. T11 vs AC Micro?

i want to get a new front wheel built, and as far as i've seen, these two offer the best $/g ratio. any opinions here between these two? quality of the product? quality of the wheel as a whole that they will be built into? no difference at all?Read More »

Anyone thinking about what to do when Micro$oft ends support for Windows XP?

Yeah, I know 'get a Mac' (or 'OMFG, Linux is the answer to your prayers')...aside from those true believers, is anyone else wondering about this? [url=]Support ends in 2014 for Windows XP and Office 2003![/url] We have a few computers lay ... Read More »

Micro 4/3 lens set

I posted this today. Special considerations for any of my cycling peers.... [url=]Micro 4/3rd lens set[/url]Read More »

Lezyne Micro drive tail light vs the Light & Motion Vis 180

By some slim chance has anyone ever seen these two lights side by side? If so what was your thoughts?Read More »

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