Fox Head Seat Bag Bike Bags

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100% polyester 600 denier construction. Two adjustable straps allow you to carry it on any bike. Reflective Fox Head logo and zipper tape for safety. Logozip-pull tab allows for easy access with gloves on.

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Wanting to buy this seat bag....

Looking for this seat bag. Any help would be greatly appreciated. No local Giant dealers around me [ATTACH=CONFIG]294628[/ATTACH]Read More »

Seat Bag Install (Prob Idiot)

Ok, I'm not the smartest guy in the world. ~~Insert Joke here~~ My wife would. At any rate I've decided it was time to post my stupidity here and painfully read the ridicule and hope that out of sheer pity I could get an answer to this personal conundrum. The Question: How the @uck do I mount thi ... Read More »

Seat/post mount bag, no velcro, easy on/off

I'm looking for a small bag for a couple tubes, co2, maybe small phone/camera that mounts to the seat post or seat that does not have the velcro strap going on. The mount can stay, just something that gets the goods off easy. For commuting. The velcro ones I've tried sway around and I'm wanting some ... Read More »

What seat bag to get?

I am doing a fundraiser this weekend and think it would be a wise move to finally get a seat back with a tool kit and such in it. Which ones do you recommend? I was looking at this one [url] ... Read More »

Which seat bag?

I need a seat bag which will accomodate a 700C tube, a small patch kit, tire levers, and a Crank Brothers mini-pump. What are you using/what would you recommend? The shop selection here in Taiwan isn't so great, so I buy a lot of stuff on Ebay. That's why I need your input. Thanks all, -hRead More »

Read More »



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