Fulcrum Wheel Bag Bike Bags

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Santa's ultracheap wheel bag

Found a $5 27" diameter Rubbermaid Xmas wreath bag at Walmart. Available in Santa red. Double zipper.Read More »

Wheel bag or roof mount?

Hello All, After my last road trip, I noticed some smudge marks on my car's upholstery from a dirty bike wheel. I'd like to get either a wheel bag for the car or a front wheel holder for my roof rack. What are the advantages of each? Bags seem to be less expensive, unless you get into the high ... Read More »

Wheel Bag

Shopping for wheel bags. My wife and son are getting new wheels for Christmas and I wanted to get a wheel bag to go along with them. Primary use would be for transporting wheels in the car without getting road grime and grease on the upholstery. The ones I have found so far are: Mavic Wheel Bag ... Read More »

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