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Stretching a tubular tire before installing it

I decided to take the plunge and purchase a tubular wheelset. It's actually for cyclocross racing, but my question is about tire fit. Many experts recommend stretching the tires first by installing them on the rims without glue for a day or two. The tires arrived, but the wheels aren't here yet ... Read More »

Tubular Tire Recommendation

Getting a new set of tubular rims and just looking for some recommendations for tires. Plan on using the wheel set primarily for my weekend group rides and the occasional RR. It's been awhile since I've ridden tubs, so kind of fallen out of the know with them. I have a suspicion that I would like th ... Read More »

Most flat-resistant tubular 'cross tire?

Just got a good deal on a used cross bike with alloy tubular wheels. I'm not planning on racing, just want to ride on local trails. Flat resistance is high priority --- weight, performance, etc are secondary.Read More »

Tubular tire gluing or taping : edge of rim need to be bound to tire?

Common sense indicates that "the more tire glued to the rim, the better it is". But, really? How about comparing the two setups, where equally strong glue bonds 80% of the width of the tire versus 100%. Do I get a "face palm" response? Or a sound mechanical engineering analysis? There are subtle ... Read More »

Tubular newb troubles with new tire

Hello RBR, I've read every thread I could find, thought I had it all figured out, but still can't get a new tire mounted up right. Here is what I have: Zipp 303 tubulars New Vittoria Corsa 23mm tire Conti carbon wheel glue, tubes and can. Stretched new tire at about 140psi for a couple of ... Read More »

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