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Most puncture resistant tubular tire? Can't give up my armadillos.

Finally thinking of taking the plunge from clincher to tubular. I am so used to the (almost) bombproof/needleproof kevlar or whatever they make the armadillos and gatorskins out of, that the idea of a puncture flat on a tubular has kept me away from them. Are there tubular tires that offer this le ... Read More »

Is my tubular tire still safe to mount?

I'm going to attempt to re-glue my tire as I needed to change the extender of my front tire. As I peeled it off today this happened: [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/x584mq.jpg[/IMG] thanksRead More »

Tubular tire removal - broken valve

It's been frustrating. The valve is broken and I cannot deflate the tire. I've been trying with my brute strength (all 155lbs of me) to take out the tire last night but no success. The valve is broken. I've removed the extender and pushed down with a pen and and allen key. No air comes out a ... Read More »

Tubular tire guys best spare setup, seat bags or straps

Looking for a good setup for my spare tubular lately I've just been carrying it in one of my jersey pockets I was thinking of either strapping it under my seat or buying the arundel tubi bag. Anyone who has the bag give any feedback likes or dislikes. Or any cool ideas to fold it flatter or strap ... Read More »

Wide tubular/ sew-up tire in 25c-28c size - recommendations

I am looking for recommendations on wide tubular tires in a 25c-28c size. What is your favorite? I am a big guy - 225 lbs, so I am looking for something wider that the typical 21c race tire.Read More »

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