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K2 Gear Bag

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great gear bag

just bought a Mountainsmith Bike Cube deluxe. Looks like a great gear bag for CX racing. Found a good price on it at ebags.com . I am not associated with Mountiansmith or ebags, just thought I'd pass along a good deal.Read More »

Gear Bag.....

Sick of the cluttered mess in my car from post workout rides. Anyone recommend a good quality gear bag for cycling. Said bag should be..... DURABLE (no cheap zippers that fall apart and break) Compartments for Helmet, shoes, dirty clothes, water bottles, etc... Plenty of small compartments for ... Read More »

What's your favorite gear bag

I'm looking for a new duffel bag to take all my gear to and from rides/races and I can't seem to find one that is the right size and has all the features I want. I've been looking for one of those blue diadora duffels, but those dissapeared off the market when cannondale took over diadora distribut ... Read More »

Gear Bag Recommendations

I'm sick of smashing all of my cycling gear into an old gym bag that should be in the trash and will ask my wife for a hip new gear bag for Christmas. I like the Sidi bag (link below) but can't find much detail on any internal compartments, etc. If anyone knows anything about this or has other sug ... Read More »

I'm sick, commuter gear bag lost- out $2000!

We had a company Christmas dinner last night, so my wife met me at work and I put my bike in the back of the car. However, I left my gear bag outside the office building while fumbling with my bike, suit and gifts etc. Duh! While unpacking the car last night, I didn't find my bag and the sinking fee ... Read More »

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