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Converts your universal hub compatible Knog bagsTo handlebar bags withThe flick of a switch.

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Rear Rack Attachment

I need to attach a rear rack to a bike with short side-pull brakes. I have clips for the bottom of the rack so that is set. This is an older Blackburn minimalist rack that attaches on top to the rear brake bolt where it goes through the bridge between the seat stays. My question is where exactly ... Read More »

Does Huffy make a Bulldozer attachment?

This is intersection of very busy and heavily congested routes. Brighton Ave at Harvard St played host to Imma Pretentious DS DB. Like many of you, I drive and I cycle. I'm more than patient but my shithead tolerance is very very low. Given I was trying to bike through this area and these ... Read More »

seat bag - no post attachment

I am looking for a seat bag that attacheds under the seat but does not need to clamp or strap on the seat post.. and have a little strip to clip on a tail light. So far I have only found a fizik bag but it only fits fizik seats?Read More »

Campy Ergo Brifter attachment problem

I have a Campy Ergo brifter. The allen attachment nut which threads onto the bar clamp bolt has seized. It back off a bit when loosened and then just locked. Back off just enough so that the binder bolt is running free in the bar clamp section. Unfortunately, not loose enough to get the brifte ... Read More »

Attachment to frame?

How long is too long to keep a bike/frame? I currently ride an 04 Giant TCR C2. I recently changed the derailleurs to Ultegra SLs, got a new saddle, new chain, carbon cranks, shaved the tribal looking graphics on the frame, and added a fresh coat of clear. At what point is it not worth it to keep ... Read More »

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