Pedros Blowout Bag Bike Bags

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The Pedros Blowout Bag is the most eco friendly under seat cycling bag out there. By recycling the waste matter from tube factories, Pedros finds a use for that which normally would be discarded. In doing so, they?ve found a way to produce the Blowout as

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Pedro's Micro Blowout Bag

Anyone using this little seatbag? I'm looking for something small that will hold one tube, two levers, and CO2 inflator. I have seen one of these, but can't tell if it is big enough. Any other suggestions for a very small seat bag would be appreciated.Read More »

Pics of Smallest Saddle/Seat Bag - Pedros Micro Blowout - stuffed to the gills

Thanks to everyone out there, I ended up getting the Pedros Micro Blowout bag and have managed to fit just about everything into it. When you see the pics, you'll notice it is a VERY tight fit. Here's my inventory list, from top layer to bottom layer: 1. Two 12g CO2 cartridges 2. Innovations Air C ... Read More »

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