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What wheel components are HOTTEST right now?

Hi, guys-- I'm looking to build another set of wheels to sell for a charity benefit--the purpose of this post is to ask you experts what components you think I should select for this wheelset. The number one priority is to use components that people want, that are popular, and will p ... Read More »

Inexpensive and Tough Wheel. That's It!

I just tweaked my campus commuter bike's rear wheel and I need a replacement. I weigh 235 pounds so I'm certain that has something to do with it because mild/moderately turbulent road was enough to bend it beyond the ability to be trued. I don't care about weight. The bike is a classic Univega road ... Read More »

Presta valve closed inside deep wheel - what to do?

So I didn't get the presta valve cranked open hard enough and it must have vibrated closed, no air will go in. I tried pushing the valve open with small piece of wire, no dice. I have valve extenders on 48mm valve tubes on 81mm carbon wheels. Are there any tricks to opening the valve in there o ... Read More »

rol wheel hub disassembly

Does anyone know how the rear hub comes apart on a race SL? I have the free hub off and the snap ring on the non drive side, but the stinking axle won't come out. I can't see any reason it shouldn't just pop out? I need to try and replace the bearings today so I can use the wheels this weekend. ... Read More »

Wheel hop w/ video. Repairable?

Hey everyone, Noticed this wheel hop while oiling my chain after a ride today. [url][/url] Honestly, don't know if it was there when I got the bike or not. Bike is a Performance SCX350 which I have now put ~255 miles on. Is this bad/excessive(seems to me ... Read More »

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