Sci-Con Wheel Bag Bike Bags

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When hit the road to travel to races, this is the bag you should use to protect your wheels in transit. One bag fits two 700c wheels (with tires on!) and protects them thanks to its sponge padding and Wunder anti-scratch fabric. It comes with a shoulder strap to make carrying the bag easy as pie. Made from Nylon 840 for loads of durability.

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Santa's ultracheap wheel bag

Found a $5 27" diameter Rubbermaid Xmas wreath bag at Walmart. Available in Santa red. Double zipper.Read More »

Wheel bag or roof mount?

Hello All, After my last road trip, I noticed some smudge marks on my car's upholstery from a dirty bike wheel. I'd like to get either a wheel bag for the car or a front wheel holder for my roof rack. What are the advantages of each? Bags seem to be less expensive, unless you get into the high ... Read More »

Wheel Bag

Shopping for wheel bags. My wife and son are getting new wheels for Christmas and I wanted to get a wheel bag to go along with them. Primary use would be for transporting wheels in the car without getting road grime and grease on the upholstery. The ones I have found so far are: Mavic Wheel Bag ... Read More »

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