TNi Bento Box Bike Bags

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Bento Box Bento Box is a nylon box that sits on the top tube behind the stem. It attaches with 4 velcro straps, 2 around the stem and 2 around the top tube. The box is open at the top and has a mesh cover which attaches with a velcro strip. The mesh cover is adjustable and can conform to different shapes. The box is reinforced on four sides with thin plastic inserts. Bento Box can be used with the cover open and tucked in or with the cover attached to the velcro. It is easily opened and closed w

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Bento box

Any ever use one? - [url][/url] or this - [url][/url] I'm thinking this is a rea ... Read More »

Bento Box Music for Touring

I was recently on a 60 mile charity ride and noticed that someone in the pack had music coming from their bike. I believe they had speakers inside of the bento box they had mounted. Does anyone else have this setup? If you have the setup, could you please describe it to me? I have an Ipod mini a ... Read More »

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