Topeak Compact Handlebar Bike Bags

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Topeak Compact Handlebar Bag & Fanny Pack. Great Handlebar bag with unique design. Reversible strap allows converts the bag into a fanny pack for use off the bike.

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FSA Plasma Integrated Compact Handlebar

i have one of these, size L120mm x W440mm(c-c): [url=]Plasma Integrated Compact White Handlebar[/url] i would like to arrange a non-integrated bar and stem as i would like to have a 110mm stem, but i like the ... Read More »

Compact drop handlebar question

I'm looking to replace my handlebar. I went to 3 LBSs to get a closer look and noticed that those so called compact (or shallow) drop handlebars are mounted on cyclecross bikes but not on road bikes. Is there a reason for it? Also, what are the advantages and disadvantages if used on road bike? ... Read More »

Which handlebar similar to FSA Vero Compact Drop?

What aftermarket handlebar can i get that has a similar drop to te FSA Vero Compact/Shallow Drop? Mine is 38cm and i'd like to keep it that wide also. Oh yea, the lower the weight the better.Read More »

Compact Handlebar Reach?

I know that the reach distance measurement is from the clamp to the drops, but with a compact handlebar, will the reach to the hoods be reduced as well?Read More »

Handlebar upgrade thoughts - wing/not, compact/not, etc.

Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade to a new set of allow handlebars. The stock ITM Super Over 330 (44 cm) on my Litespeed is fine on the hoods/tops, but not at all comfortable for me in the drops. I'm 5'9" and ~ 175 lbs. with somewhat small hands, which may explain why I've never much liked the ITM's ... Read More »

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