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The VaudeTube bag is big enoughTo fit your essentials and can quickly be removedThanksTo Vaude's niftyTwist mount system. Gusseted lower zipper compartment for carrying capacity expansionTwist adapter saddle mountAdditional Velcro strap for seat postReflective elements on all sides of bagSafety light attachment Note:The photo depictsThe small size bag

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Top tube bag suggestions.

I found an older post on top tube bags from 2009 but a lot of the links are dead. I don't always wear a jersey and I sometimes have heavier small items like phone and pager that I need to quickly access. Looking around at small top tube bags and have found a few designs. [url= ... Read More »

Top tube bag for iPhone?

Hi All, I have been debating getting some kind of bag for my iphone since I am riding longer distances and prefer not to carry it in my jersey pocket. Thought [URL=""]this[/URL] one l ... Read More »

Top tube bag

I've been on the search for a top tube bag. One issue that I've found is when standing/pedaling, my thigh brushes up against the bag. Very annoying. Since I ride fixed, I do stand enough for this to be an issue. What I need is a quick access to food and a place to put some small personal stuff ( ... Read More »

Spare Tube in Saddle Bag

How long do spare tubes last in seat bags (before they dry out)? Is there anyway to prevent them from drying out if they do, i live near the ocean so its pretty humid around here. Should i store the tube in saddle bag in its original box i purchased it in, so it doesn't get punctured form my ... Read More »

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