XLC Large Saddle Bike Bags

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The XLC seat bag QUICK is suitable to take all kinds of odds and ends. It is fastened directly with a quickrelease system at the saddle top shell. Stiched on reflective stickers providing more security in traffic. 450D Nylon constructio...

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large saddle bag vs seat post rack/bag - need advice.

Hi, I'm looking for some opinions of a large saddle bag vs. a seat post/bag set up. I'm looking to set this up on my Gary Fisher Mako MTB for now until I get my CX bike. I need a bag that will hold a pair of pants, dress shirt, tie, etc. I will use it for my commute to work. I also can fit all t ... Read More »

Looking for a large Saddle Bag

Tried a search but cannot find exactly what I am looking for. I want one big enough to hold a change of clothes and misc tools/tubes/patchkit. I like the carradice bags but they seem hard to locate stateside. I recall seeing one that was brown/tan on someones bike around here but cannot locate it an ... Read More »

Living large in the saddle

This guy really likes cycling...or he's been hanging out in the podium girl forum too long.Read More »

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