XLC Small Saddle Bike Bags

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The practical XLC seat bag QUICK is suitable to take all kinds of odds and it is fastened directly with a quickrelease system at the saddle top shell. The seat bag is made of robust Nylon 450 D. With the help of the variable additional pock...

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New NNNC saddle for the small boy - now with gratuitous photo

We just picked up a new high chair for our small boy. He is 3 1/2 months old. We have a pretty small house so we wanted something that didn't take up a lot of floor space and would look good with our existing table and chairs (cherry wood). This fit the bill perfectly and converts to an adjustable-h ... Read More »

recommend a small saddle bag

looking for recommendation for a SMALL saddle bag just enough space for one tube and CO2. Not much else. I changed my saddle to another brand so I am looking for something that attaches to any saddle, but hopefully does not move around alot or scratch or tearing up the shorts. Something like ... Read More »

saddle rails too small for seatpost clamp

I just got a new Selle Italia SLR on eBay for pretty cheap. My first impressions are that this is the firmest saddle I have ever ridden. You can tap the top with your thumb and it sounds like a bongo drum! That firmness is taking a little getting used to, but I like the look of the saddle and the ... Read More »

Saddle for small butt

First off, this is not a joke. I"ve been getting saddle sores for awhile now, and I already did a forum search on them. They haven't been clearing up using the recommended methods. They're a pimple like sore and feel kind of marble like, but very small (pimple size.) I'm getting them in the cre ... Read More »

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