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XLC has created a great bag for your stem. It comes equipped with a zipper pouch and a velcro side pocket.This bag is perfect for storing your extra nutrionals on your long grusome rides!- Grips onto stem withTwo velcro straps- Measurements: 4.5?? Long & 1??Tall

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Identify the manufacturer of this stem

Recently picked up a 2011 Masi Speciale CX with a 70mm stem installed. I replaced it with a 110mm but I'm curious who the manufacturer is of the 70mm stem. Only marking other than size is pictured below. Who is the manufacturer? [ATTACH=CONFIG]301091[/ATTACH]Read More »

Stripped stem thread solution?

Noticed a little bit of play in my bars. Went to tighten the bolts on the cover plate and felt the dreaded pop/free spin. I backed out the bolt and, sure enough, it had pieces of the matching thread attached to it. If I run a bolt all the way through the stem cover plate and stem and use a washer ... Read More »

LVWA carbon stem

I'm in the market for a carbon stem. These LVWA carbon products have been popping up on ebay and amazon site. Given the price, they seem like the same type of product as Chinese carbon frame (copy of big brand). [ATTACH=CONFIG]300843[/ATTACH] Anyone tried them? Good, bad, so so...etc? Thanks i ... Read More »

Lower Stem Binder Bolt Prone to Stripping ?

I've had the lower steering column binder bolt on 2 threadless stems strip out. I've only been torquing them to 8-9 Nm. Are they prone to stripping? Is there a workaround?Read More »

120 mm Quill Stem on a 50 cm Frame?

Hi folks Just a Q. Would the above stem/frame configuration look odd? I'm 5'6 and have 2 50 cm frames and 1 52 cm frame. The 52 cm frame fits perfect. I'm building up one of the 50 cm frames to make it my main riding bike. I know the ETT of the 52 is 2.5 cm longer than the 50. The stems on b ... Read More »

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