Planet Bike K.O.K.O. Bike Rack

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Planet Bike K.O.K.O. Cargo Rear Rack: Black; Includes Hardware

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O.K. I'm bored with all the Indian Spam.

Anything being done about it so we don't have to delete a couple hundred threads every morning? BTW in spite of what they promised it hasn't improved my marriage at all! :mad2:Read More »

O.K., Cut It Out Again . . .

I've noticed a significant spike in "Baby On Board" signs in cars. I though we stopped this sort of foolishness many years ago. Guess not. Please stop for Baby Jesus's sake.Read More »

Stock pads O.K. for Zipp 404 tubulars?

I recently picked up a set of used Zipp 404 tubulars to use exclusively for time trials and plan on using regular wheels 95% of the time. Can I get away with using regular brake pads during time trials. I know braking power will be diminished but I can't see myself swapping out brake pads everytime ... Read More »

O.k., I Think I Got It. . . . . . . .

i'm pretty sure i'm gonna go with the IRO Mark V buildup. it has everything i'm looking for and although a bit more than i wanted to spend, it seems like a good frame that i can eventually do component upgrades to. does anybody here have experience with this frame/bike? is it good value for the m ... Read More »

O.k., I've Made My Choice, Part 2. . . . .

i'm going with the kilo tt. now on to my next dilemma. my inseam is 32.5 inches. do i go a little shorter or do i go right for the 32.5. also, i went to and found a freewheel cog but it says for bmx use. will this work or do i need to go for a specific cog for track bikes? [url] ... Read More »

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