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SportRack 2 Bike Locking/Tilting Platform Hitch Rack With this nifty bike rack you can carry up to 2 bikes on your Hitch. Rubberized hooks secure the bike to the rack while protecting the finish. The center of the tilting rack folds down...

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Pedaling Efficiency Research Paper (Platform vs Clipless)

I found the paper that I mentioned in the 'clipless pedals vs. platform pedals' thread. As far as I can tell, when they say PED, they mean platform. Make of it what you will :) [url][/url] [quote]Abstract The aim ... Read More »

Does anyone use the Shimano SPD (mountain) platform on their road bike?

I have Shimano 105's on my road bike (SPD-SL) and have been postponing getting clipless pedals on my mountain bike because of how hard it is to get in and out of my 105's. Situations that would require me to get off the bike quickly on technical terrain made me nervous of getting hurt if I couldn't ... Read More »

Good Quality Road Platform Pedals?

I am trying to find good quality but not exorbitantly expensive platform pedals for a road bike. I tried Shimano SPD but ended that for me it was more of a deathtrap. I did end up falling with the SPD; fortunately the only injury was to my pride. Any suggestions as to a good quality, lightweight, r ... Read More »

Small platform pedals

I'm hoping I can get some recommendations - I am looking for a platform type pedal similar in size to GR-9's but with some grip that they can be ridden with no foot retention. I only ride freewheel so am not concerned about foot retention, but would like some grip benefits similar to bmx type pedal ... Read More »





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