Thule Low Rider Bike Rack

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Thule 821 Low Rider Bike Carrier Create your own carrying solutions with these fork mount blocks. Can be mounted to virtually any flat surface (hardware not included) 9mm quick-release fork mount skewer holds f...

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Low rider

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Low Rider

"Take a little trip with me"Read More »

Low spoke count wheels/rider weight limit?

I'm contemplating building a wheelset using 20 hole hubs and rims. The spokes will be Sapim CX-Ray, the rear hub a Ritchey WCS Zero hub (from eBay) and SpeedCific Niobium rims. The front wheel will be laced radially while the rear will be radial on the drive side and either 2 or 3X on the non-driv ... Read More »

banned user: dnahlooccuf/Low Rider Bob/technocycle/etc.

see Coolhands thread regarding Low Rider Bob. banned IP: -dnahlooccuf -Low Rider Bob -technocycle [email][/email] Remember our friend/stalker technocycle/saddle sore?Read More »

Low Rider Bob- spammed 6 forums for lost camera, and more

So Low Rider Bob left his camera at the USPro event. He then seemed to have signed up to spam the forums (six different ones) regarding his boneheaded move. I deleted four of them and sent him a warning PM. I got a profanity laden PM in response, evidently my bona-fides were in question. Then ag ... Read More »

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