Thule Wheel On Bike Rack

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The Wheel On complements fork mounting racks by carrying your front tire.

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11 speed shimano wheel on campy 11 bike?

thanks to tthome I just took advantage of the performance bikes $600 sale on power tap g3 wheels (less than a power tap!). From what I have read by Zinn etc this shimano wheel will work on my 11speed campy bike. is this correct and does anyone have any real world experience with this? I am getting r ... Read More »

Please Help choose a new rear wheel on 2008 Lemond Victoire

My Bontrager Race Lite rear wheel was stolen. I cannot afford to buy a new replacement set, but if not Bontrager, what should I look for in a wheel and cassette package? Should I stick with used Bontrager? I weight 155.Read More »

Rubber gasket on rear wheel of hybrid squeeking

The attached photo is of my Trek 7.5 hybrid. The rubber gasket I have marked with the red arrows is on my rear wheel. What is the purpose of this??? It is driving me crazy as it rubs and squeaks when I slow down. If it must be there how do I lubricate it? I do not have one on my road bike. Th ... Read More »

Question on Wheel Build for Clyde

Going into my fifth week waiting on Mavic to repair my rear Kysrium Elite S under warranty I have been researching components to build my own wheels. Currently using old boat anchor on rear of my bike. I weigh 265lbs and live and ride in a hilly area. My Mavic had a spoke pull out 17 miles from hom ... Read More »

Advice on temporary front wheel

We're talking low-end stuff here, I warn you. Greetings to all. While I have a good front wheel built, I scoured my stow-aways and uncovered two Mavic oldies. If anyone could tell me which one is better (or less bad, depending on your perspective), I'd be much obliged. They are both Mavics: I. Co ... Read More »

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