Tubus Fly Bike Rack

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The new Fly Evo is an ultra minimalist rack that's perfect for carrying panniers and light cargo on your road or 'cross bike. The

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Bicycle Blue Book.. fly by night??

888 number one finds in the pile of written verbage does not ring thru.. only busy signal. Get NO answer from them per a listing with NO pic .. buyer does not respond to inquiry. Smells like a fish otta the water..for many days.. in high heat.Read More »

Bar Fly 2.0/Di2 Install... Thoughts or Opinions?

I finally got around to getting a Garmin and decided on the Bar Fly 2.0 mount so I could attach my Di2 junction box underneath it. After getting everything installed, I thought it would look cleaner if I tied the Di2 cable going to the down tube to the rear brake cable housing. I made sure there was ... Read More »

HR 368: Changing the Rules on the Fly

How is it that the House can change its own rules without the consent of the majority? This change was supposedly passed on 01OCT, but none of us have heard about it until now. [video=youtube;0Jd-iaYLO1A]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Jd-iaYLO1A[/video] [url=http://www.ibtimes.com/government ... Read More »

TFO fly rods

I picked one up yesterday on a whim. Was out at a Cabelas, fill out an app for a CC, get $20 off of a gear purchase. Wandered into the fly fishing area, was looking for a back up rod to one I have which was part of a combo kit I bought a few years back, in case I broke what I have. The rod is a 8'6" ... Read More »

Is there a cheap way to fly with your bike?

I'm flying to Florida on United Airlines and wondering if there is a cheap way to bring my bike along. Seems they charge $200 r/t. Is there a box that you can scam on for just a checked bag fee???Read More »

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