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Why not use a fairing for ultimate aero effect?

All the high-tech tube shaping, hiding brakes, etc. do not solve the most obvious cause of aerodynamic drag, the rider’s body. Why not use a fairing, which could direct air flow around the bike and rider? That’s how it’s done on motorcycles and scooters, which travel much faster than bicycles (and ... Read More »

fairing acoustic protection (FAP) system

The acoustic level inside the PLF will vary slightly with different spacecraft. This is because the acoustic absorption of each spacecraft depends on its size, shape, and surface material properties. Acoustic sound pressure levels for the Atlas V 400 configuration with both the LPF and EPF are pr ... Read More »

Anyone ever rattle-can a fairing?

Not thrilled with a huge logo on my car. Maybe not interested in flat black, either. Anyone ever tried this? If so, did it turn out like cr*p, as in, "gawd, look at that horrible rattle can job.." or were you able to pull it off?Read More »

Aero wheels with soft fairing???

Bit of a new noob question, but why is a soft fairing on a carbon aero wheel often discussed as a disadvantage?Read More »

Thule Roof Rack Fairing Needed

Hey all just hoping maybe someone can help me here. I m in need of a Thule size Med Fairing for my 95 VW Golf III GL. Can be used, can be new , can be red can be blue, it dont matter quoth this mad hatter! I have recently checked Ebay and didnt turn up much, just wondering if someone around here ... Read More »

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