DZ Laboratories Chamois Cream Body Care

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DZNuts Chamois Cream and Skin Lubricant has been designed for Dave Zabriskie to lubricate the ultra-sensitive perineal area of cyclists, equestrins, runners or anyone looking to reduce painful friction. Provides vital anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protec

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Chamois Cream?

Am planning to spend some time in the saddle in July. Day 1: 10-12hrs Day 2: rest or possibly 2hrs Day 3: 2hrs Day 4: 2hrs Day 5: rest Day 6: 2hrs Day 7: 10-12hrs Day 8: 6-8hrs Do you think I need some cream? If I do, can I get away with just standard moisturising cream? Coco butter ... Read More »

Thick chamois cream????

I have been using Chamois butter, but i definately need something way thicker. I was really happy with QM 4+, but it was impossible to get out of my bibs, any other recomendations?Read More »

noxzema as chamois cream

I like this, but: any way to get rid of the tingly sensation? (by adding something) is it too thin, compared to Vaseline, which some people like? (Thicker is better protection for very long rides?) What about mineral oil? Could this be used as a chamois cream?Read More »

Worst chamois cream imaginable!

QM Sports Care Antifriction Cream Plus [IMG][/IMG] I don't use chamois cream every day, usually just on very long rides or on hot or humid days when I know that I am going to be sweating a lot. I was a big fan of Assos chamois ... Read More »

chamois cream

As a newbie I was wondering if most people use chamois cream? Do you only use it when you develop an issue or should I begin using it from the beginning as a precaution until I get use to riding? Is there a better brand of cream/butter to buy or is the type of cream/butter rider dependant as mos ... Read More »

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