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Grabber Toe Warmers Heating Packs with up to 6 hours of warmth. Up to 6 hours of warmth. Average temperature of 100 degrees. Safe for travel. Designed for 1-time use. Shelf-life of 3-4 years.

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Toe Warmers – Skin/Nerve issues?

[LEFT]The weather has been pretty evil here lately and I haven’t been getting out as much. Got out for ~50 miles just before Christmas and it was great. After the ride I felt a ‘hotspot’ on the top of my left foot. Over the following days the hotspot moved up my left shin. It basically felt like I’d ... Read More »

Toe warmers

Will the chemical toe warmers work properly if I put it between the shoe and bootie above the toe? It says it need restricted oxygen Will it burn too hot? I don't want to put it inside the shoe some it may cause discomfort with the toothedRead More »

Toe warmers a waste??

As the autumn arrives I was considering trying some toe warmers for those cooler temps when full neoprene covers are too warm. Are these toe things useful or a nusance?Read More »

Toe Warmers vs Booties

I just picked up some Pearl Izumi toe warmers. On my last road ride, temperature was about 40 degrees with 33 degree windchill. I wearing fairly thin socks with Sidi Genius shoes, and by the end of my two hour ride, I could barely feel my toes, thus I bought the toe warmers. What I'm wondering is ... Read More »

Electric toe warmers?...

Anyone tried a pair of battery foot warmers? Good? Bad? Good make/model? Froze my toes off again yesterday and it's still above freezing (33 deg). Thanks, TFRead More »

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