Planet Bike Recumbent Fenders

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Item Specifications Size 45mm

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recumbent bikes

did any one ride one ? what did you think about it ? i see them often when i'm riding the trail system . some are so low to the ground it's hard to see some one on it if they are in front of some one that your coming up on .Read More »

What is the best home recumbent bike and elliptical?

I'm looking to buy a recumbent bike and elliptical machine. Considering both price and quality. . . what are the best ones to get? What are the best brands? What are the best places to buy these? Is online best or are there stores that are best to shop at? Thank you for your time. [IMG]http://dailyd ... Read More »

Home-made Recumbent Trike w/ front-wheel drive

Here's an interesting rig I met out on the road today. The front end is the rear end of a mountain bike (w/ suspension) flipped upside-down. The rest is made from aircraft grade AL tubing. Weight unspecified.Read More »

Recumbent Redux: How I spent my Sunday Morning

Or, I has a semi. Mrs. 10ae accompanied me on an hour and a half long drive this morning to see a semi-recumbent bike for sale on Craigslist. As it turned out, it was being sold by a lady, so I brought my lady to make me seem less of an unknown. Lady brought her brother in law, also. So she's no ... Read More »

Upright, Spinning, Recumbent Bike Question...

Had micfofracture surgery on my left knee, no singles tennis or running in my future, start walking again in 2 weeks (Lord willing), physical therapy starts after that. Looking to puchase an upright, spinning, or recumbent bike to help with PT but also for exercise after PT is over*. For anyon ... Read More »

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