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SKS Commuter Fenders

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SKS Commuter Fender Set Black 35mm

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My new VANMOOF 5.7 Dutch Commuter!

I've been looking for a commuter bike for a few months, and had tended towards the vintage "dutch look" with the porteur racks, swept bars, and internal gears. I was up in Atlanta for the weekend and decided to check the local craigslist while I was in town, and stumbled upon a bike/brand that I ... Read More »

Which front carrier for my new VANMOOF Dutch Commuter?

I recently purchased a dutch VANMOOF 5.7 to use as my around-town, farmers market, grocery get'r. They offer 2 different front carrier options, and I'm torn between which to get. I prefer the simple Porteur look of the "Bambooman": [ATTACH=CONFIG]284680[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]284681[/AT ... Read More »

Entry Level Commuter - Need Road Bike Advice

Hola. I'm happy to have found this forum! I need advice on getting a road bike that suits my commuting needs. I'm basically riding about 35 miles a week with an avg 8 mile one-way commute. I've been riding on a Peugeot Columbus Altec that I bought from a used bike shop. I did end up spending more ... Read More »

First bike in years, road/commuter bike options?

I just moved to nyc and I've decided I'll commute to work via bike. I haven't owned a bike for 7+ years and when I have it was a mountain bike. I tried out some potential routes a few days ago; It's about 4 miles to work. I'm looking to keep things under $800ish (in part because of the prevalent bik ... Read More »

New commuter, do-it-all Ritchey cross bike

My LBS just finished building up my new commuter, do-it-all bike -- a Ritchey Breakaway Cross. I've been wanting a cross bike for a while since I no longer own a mountain bike and have always loved the Ritchey Swiss Cross (one of my holy grails). Altho I never found a Swiss Cross, I got the next be ... Read More »

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