Velo Razzo Stainless Steel Fenders

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Velo Orange Stainless Steel Fender 700c - 45mm

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Condor Stainless Steel

Here she is. All the graphics are stencilled cut outs to show polished frame tubes beneath. Build is mostly stuff I already had. Just waiting for the stem to be sprayed to match frameset and she'll be done [ATTACH]297520[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]297521[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]297522[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]297523[/ATTAC ... Read More »

titanum spokes or stainless steel spokes? what to choose or avoid and why?

greetings all I am looking into new aluminium road wheels (most likely custom built) and need to make some decisions regarding which kinds of spokes to use. Should I get Titanium spokes (which brand?) or Stainless Steel (which?). Is there anything else these days (I have not kept up with whee ... Read More »

Nitto stainless steel Bull horn Bar

Hello, I have been on the prowl for titanium 'anything' of late. Just pretty much seeing what's out there to upgrade parts on my bike. I was specifically after Bull horn bars in Titanium, but no luck ! Then I came across this Nitto bar… [url= ... Read More »

Reynolds 921 Stainless Steel Tubeset

Reynolds will come out with a new stainless steel tubeset, 921. Anyone know anything about it? [url=]Reynolds 921 stainless steel tubeset revealed |[/url] (Sorry if this was previously posted; I searched ... Read More »

Reynolds 953 vs. Columbus XCr stainless steel

Would like to hear your opinions regarding these 2 materials. Also like to see listed are the options of makes regarding each material. Xcr is newer and I'm guessing fewer companies build frames based on them (among them are Cinelli and Firefly) I'm looking to buy a stainless frame in the future, ... Read More »

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