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GPS Choice?

Does the search function not work on this site? I can't believe no one has discussed GPS devices... Anyway, I am thinking about getting one of the Garmin Edge units for a new bike. Can these also be used like a regular GPS for hiking and such? Is it worth the extra $$ over the 500 series to get ... Read More »

Ride with GPS

This question may be better suited for another thread but I thought I would start here. I am headed to the Bay Area for a wedding over the 4th. I will be bringing my bike. Normally I just ride with my SRM computer but I do have a Garmin Edge 800 (not the newest model). I was thinking of downl ... Read More »

IPhone Apps and GPS Tracking Question

I used to use an iPhone and enjoyed using it to track my progress. To cut back on expenses, my smart phone has been replaced by a dumb phone. My question is; can I use a non service connected iPhone as basically a GPS enabled iPod. Or do I HAVE to have service to be able to use the iPhones GPS c ... Read More »

Free GPS Tracker for Wife

I've discovered a free way to track my wife's whereabouts...check the online bank statements...christ...Read More »

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